Listado de las publicaciones mas importantes en geriatria y gerontologia.
Sinopsis de articulos publicados recientemente que tienen relevancia en nuestras clases.

Melatonin inhibits telomerase activity in the MCF-7 tumor cell line both in vivo and in vitro
Mercedes M. Leon-Blanco, Juan M. Guerrero, Russel J. Reiter, Juan R. Calvo and David Pozo

Melatonin alleviates behavioral deficits associated with apoptosis and cholinergic system dysfunction in the APP 695 transgenic mouse model of Alzheimer's disease
Zheng Feng,*, Yang Chang, Yong Cheng, Bin-ling Zhang, Zhi-wei Qu, Chuan Qinand, Jun-tian Zhang

Melatonin mitigates mitochondrial malfunction
Josefa León, Darío Acuña-Castroviejo, Germane Escames, Dun-Xian Tan and Russel J. Reiter

The human pineal gland and melatonin in aging and Alzheimer's disease
Ying-Hui Wu and Dick F. Swaab

Potent therapeutic effect of melatonin on aging skin in pinealectomized rats
Mukaddes Eşrefoğlu, Muammer Seyhan, Mehmet Gül, Hakan Parlakpınar, Kadir Batçıoğlu and Burçin Uyumlu

Relations between undernutrition and nosocomial infections in elderly patients 
Herbaund, Lejonc, Campiro & Bories.

Aging: The Reality
"Anti-Aging" Is an Oxymoron
Leonard Hayflick

Activities of Daily Living Function and Disability in Older Adults in a Randomized Trial of the Health Enhancement Program

Free Radicals: Key to Brain Aging and Heme Oxygenase as a Cellular Response to Oxidative Stress

The Effects of Serum Beta-Carotene Concentration and Burden of Inflammation on All-Cause Mortality Risk in High-Functioning Older Persons

Physical Activity and Mortality in Frail, Community-Living Elderly Patients

Cerebral White Matter Changes and Geriatric Syndromes: Is There a Link?

How Much Should We Eat? The Association Between Energy Intake and Mortality in a 36-Year Follow-Up Study of Japanese-American Men

Dementia Assessment in Primary Care: Results From a Study in Three Managed Care Systems

Age-Related Changes in Fasting Plasma Cortisol in Rhesus Monkeys: Implications of Individual Differences for Pathological Consequences

The Deleterius Effect of Bed Rest Among Community-Living Older persons.

A cross-sectional study of muscle strength and mass in 45- to 78-yr-old men and women

Cortisol level during human aging predict hippocampal atrophy and memory deficits

Mechanism underlying anti-apoptotic activity of a deprenyl-related propargylamine, rasagiline

Aging-dependent changes in the effect of daily melatonin supplementation on rat metabolic and behavioral responses
Dennis D. Rasmussen123, Dennis R. Mitton3, Shana A. Larsen3 & Steven M. Yellon4

The neuroprotective activities of melatonin against the Alzheimer β-protein are not mediated by melatonin membrane receptors
Miguel A. Pappolla, Marcia J. Simovich, Tara Bryant-Thomas, Yau-Jan Chyan, Burkhard Poeggeler, Margarita Dubocovich, Roger Bick, George Perry, Felix Cruz-Sanchez & Mark A. Smith (2002)

Melatonin blocks rat hippocampal neuronal apoptosis induced by amyloid beta-peptide 25–35
Yu-Xian Shen, Shu-Yun Xu, Wei Wei, Xue-Long Wang, H Wang & X Sun (2002)

muy interesante
sobre medicamentos que aumentan nuestra produccion de antioxidantes naturales ! ! !
retraza la apoptosis ???
Imp. para investigadores y cuidadores.